About Justice Action Center

Immigrant Justice Through Litigation and Storytelling

Our Story

Impact litigation attorney Karen Tumlin founded Justice Action Center (JAC) in 2019 with a vision of achieving greater justice for immigrant communities through a unique blend of litigation and storytelling strategies. JAC believes that transformative change will only occur when dominant narratives about immigration and belonging shift. In partnership with directly impacted individuals and organizations, we use courtroom moments to center and uplift immigrant stories. We are guided by our core values of impact, creativity, and collaboration, and work closely with directly impacted individuals and groups to shape our efforts.

In just three years, JAC has grown to eight legal and communications staff that have litigated in areas of unmet need, co-led a Supreme Court campaign, and developed various forms of original content to bring voices of directly impacted immigrants into the courtroom and the media sphere. In 2022 alone, we launched an interactive litigation tracker microsite and corresponding newsletter to decode red state litigation challenging immigrant inclusive policies and filed several lawsuits, FOIA requests, and amicus briefs centering impacted communities and pursuing their vision of justice.

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