Justice Action Center: Biden Must Commit to Protecting Afghans Seeking Refuge, U.S. Citizens, and Lawful Permanent Residents 

LOS ANGELES —Advocates in Afghanistan and the United States, along with journalists and leaked memos from government officials, have painted a grim picture of evacuation efforts for those seeking refuge and for those already admitted to the United States. The need for the Biden administration to redouble efforts to ensure a safe evacuation process for all those who need it grows increasingly urgent. Below is a statement from Daniel Tully, counsel at Justice Action Center: 

“The Biden administration had months to prepare for an orderly evacuation of Afghan refugees, at-risk populations, and servicemembers. Their preparations, however, were clearly inadequate to the task at hand. The administration must honor its commitments to those who put themselves in harm’s way to assist American forces, journalists, and others, along with its commitments to those who will be targeted. We join those leading efforts to resettle refugees in calling on the administration to use all resources available to keep the airports open and get as many people as possible on planes. Once evacuated, the administration must honor its commitment to those who supported the United States, and facilitate a smooth resettlement process.” 

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Adela de la Torre
Justice Action Center

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