JAC: Biden’s Refugee Cap Backtrack is Unconscionable

LOS ANGELES — President Biden broke his promise to increase the number of refugees allowed into the United States today, opting instead to adopt refugee admittance levels at the historic lows set by President Trump. The administration had previously announced an intention to increase the number of refugees admitted to the United States. 

Below is a statement from Esther Sung, Legal Director of  Justice Action Center:  

“Until 2017, the United States was a world leader in offering safety to those fleeing persecution and danger, resettling more refugees than all other countries combined. On the campaign trail, Biden promised to restore our refugee system to match our nation’s values, and in the early days of the administration, appeared poised to fulfill that promise. By announcing that the administration will instead stick to Trump’s shamefully low refugee admittance levels, the Biden administration has betrayed not just refugees who have waited for years to start new lives in the United States, but a nation that elected a man who said he was true to his word.  

“This administration has been quick to highlight cabinet members and high-level staffers who are refugees or children of refugees. It is unconscionable that we should be shutting the door on these very same people now.”  



Adela de la Torre
Justice Action Center

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