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Intervenor defendant and CHNV sponsor Valerie Laveus shares why she is sponsoring her brother and nephew
JAC’s communications coordinator Joan Agoh explains what’s at stake in Texas v. DHS
Intervenor defendant Nan Langowitz shares what #FreedomToWelcome means to her

Background: Launched in January 2023, the “CHNV” parole programs give everyday Americans the opportunity to sponsor Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans to parole into the U.S. and receive employment authorization for up to two years, provided they meet certain requirements. Since then, the public has responded with resounding enthusiasm. But the CHNV programs are under attack:  A coalition of 21 states’ attorneys general are attempting to end them through their federal lawsuit, Texas v. DHS. (Meanwhile, the states have not challenged the similar Uniting for Ukraine parole program).

Justice Action Center, the Center for Immigration Law and Policy (CILP) at the UCLA School of Law, and RAICES have intervened in the lawsuit on behalf of  seven U.S.-based sponsors seeking to welcome individuals through these programs for a variety of reasons, including to support family reunification, exercise religious or moral conviction, and to offer safety from persecution and life-threatening danger.  Let’s join them and all other Americans eager to welcome their global neighbors. Let’s defend the CHNV programs and the #FreedomToWelcome!

UPDATE: We won! On March 8, 2024, Judge Tipton found that Texas did not establish that it has suffered harm due to the CHNV parole programs and therefore did not have standing to bring its claims. In fact, the court emphasized that Texas did not and cannot dispute that following the implementation of the CHNV parole programs, there are fewer CHNV nationals entering the U.S. and that as a result, Texas is spending less money, not more. This is a huge victory for our seven intervenors and the millions of people seeking to welcome and be welcomed, and for the everyday people who show our abundant ability to care for each other.

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