DACA Ruling Leaves Hundreds of Thousands in Continued Limbo


A Texas district court judge just ruled against DACA in the Texas v. United States case. This new ruling does not impact current DACA recipients and their ability to renew, nor does it change their access to advanced parole. Below is a statement from Laura Flores, Skadden Fellow at Justice Action Center.

“Now more than ever, Congress must act to pass permanent protections and the administration should employ applicable tools to protect DACA recipients. As the fate of DACA continues to be contested in the courts, young DACA-eligible individuals are being shut out from this life-changing program and the sliver of stability it provides. DACA recipients and DACA-eligible individuals are our classmates and coworkers, our family and neighbors. They deserve to live and work with dignity and security, none of which are afforded to them when their future is dictated by the whims of courts.”

Joan Agoh
Justice Action Center

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