JAC Submits Comment on DHS’s Proposed Rule on DACA

Today, JAC joined nearly 10,000 others in submitting a comment on DHS’s proposed DACA rule. Our comment asserts that DHS’s proposal fails to meet the urgent needs of undocumented youth and immigrant communities. Instead, we need to re-imagine DACA. A new DACA must center immigrant youth and:

  • Keep families together
  • Expand coverage
  • Eliminate unnecessary bars to eligibility
  • Provide eligibility alternatives reflecting realities of immigrant youths’ lives
  • Have increased longevity and security to minimize unnecessary filings and disruptions

We must end eligibility criteria that prematurely ages youth of color and criminal bars that re-punish Black and Brown communities for having interacted with a systemically racist criminal legal system. Instead, we need a holistic DACA program that allows immigrant youth to live and work with dignity.

Read JAC’s full, 10-page comment detailing what we think a bold, necessary, and fully attainable DACA program looks like.


Tasha Moro
Justice Action Center

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