Health Care Error Rightfully Fixed by President Biden 


Washington, D.C.— The Biden Administration announced today that it would publish a final rule to allow DACA recipients greater access to health care under the Affordable Care Act. The move undoes an exclusion made by President Obama in 2012, which was decried by immigrants’ rights activists at the time. Below is a statement from Adela de la Torre, deputy director at Justice Action Center:

“All of us should have the tools we need to keep ourselves and our families healthy and safe. For far too long, DACA recipients were unfairly excluded from this program. Over a decade of advocacy has undone this exclusion, and we will not stop there. The Biden administration must do everything within its power to ensure that DACA recipients have the protections necessary to continue to thrive where they are rooted. This includes making sure renewal and Advance Parole applications are processed in a timely fashion.” 

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Joan Agoh

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