JAC Condemns Halt in Biden Attempt to End Remain in Mexico


Yesterday, a Texas district judge blocked the Biden administration’s continued attempt to terminate the deadly Remain in Mexico program. The following is a statement by Karen Tumlin, Founder and Director of Justice Action Center:

“Once again, a single district court in Texas has wrongfully stepped in trying to dictate asylum and foreign relations for our nation. Remain in Mexico was a humanitarian disaster, leaving thousands of vulnerable people, families, and children stranded in dangerous conditions at the border. 

The Biden administration must fight back and appeal the court’s decision immediately. The Supreme Court affirmed the Biden administration’s authority to terminate this cruel policy in the Biden v. Texas case in June, and the administration must carry it out. We live in a world where too many people are unsafe from violence and persecution. It is past time for Remain in Mexico to be put to an end so that we can work towards creating a humane asylum system. We must and will continue to fight to ensure people are safe, not stranded.” 


Tasha Moro
Justice Action Center

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