JAC: With Decision on Texas Law, Supreme Court Opens the Door to Racial Discrimination


HOUSTON – In a reversal of a lower court decision, the Supreme Court allowed SB 4, Texas’s discriminatory “show me your papers” law, to take effect. The law, which is the latest ploy in Texas’s anti-immigrant agenda, was modeled after Arizona’s notorious SB 1070. Below is a statement from Justice Action Center Legal Director Esther Sung, a Houstonian and co-counsel in Valle del Sol v. Brewer, the civil rights groups’ legal challenge to Arizona’s anti-immigrant law: 

“Governor Abbott and his ilk have made it their mission to demagogue immigrants and anyone who stands with them. Instead of providing a check to Abbott’s unhinged agenda, the Supreme Court has given him a green light that will harm all Texans and set dangerous precedent. Laws like SB 4 that allow state law enforcement to carry out detention and deportations are bad policy and bad politics; encourage racial profiling and discrimination; and usurp executive authority to advance their anti-immigrant agenda. As a litigator and a Texan, I stand firmly with the millions of people who reject these politics of hate.”

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Joan Agoh

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