Justice Action Center: Supreme Court Order Puts Asylum Seekers at Risk

LOS ANGELES —The Supreme Court today failed to block a lower court order mandating that the government begin efforts to revive the Trump-created “Remain in Mexico” (MPP) policy. Last Friday, the Biden administration made its first such emergency request of the Court. Below is a statement from Karen Tumlin, founder and director of Justice Action Center:

“The Supreme Court had an opportunity to maintain legal consistency while protecting countless people from unnecessary harm. They failed to take it. This is shameful. We know that the failed Remain in Mexico policy was both ineffective and a humanitarian disaster, and belongs in the dustbin of history, not in our current policy books. 

“While this chapter of the legal fight is over, the Biden administration must not view this ruling as a mandate to revive this horrible policy. Showing “good faith” compliance with the district court ruling can include conversations with Mexico, inventories of needs along the border in light of Covid, and a number of other steps. 

“Ultimately, our vision must be toward a border policy that upholds our values and ideals as a nation. Getting rid of Trump policies was never enough, and we will continue to advocate until we see a day where we can welcome all with dignity.”

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Adela de la Torre
Justice Action Center

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