After a California District Court Blocks Biden’s Asylum Ban, JAC Calls for Renewed Access to Safety


SAN FRANCISCO— A California district court judge just struck down the Biden administration’s asylum ban in a major victory for the right to seek safety. The judge’s order is stayed for 14 days, during which the asylum ban will remain in place. Justice Action Center’s Communications Coordinator Joan Agoh said:

“We celebrate the bravery of the plaintiffs and co-counsel organizations who fought to defend the rights of asylum seekers and the fundamental access to safety, regardless of their manner of entry. The freedom to move should no longer be neglected in the name of deterrence and punitive policies. Instead of digging in their heels on an appeal, President Biden should meet with direct service groups that are doing the work of welcoming to determine what is actually needed on the border and build more sustainable and safe pathways.”


Tasha Moro

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