JAC Condemns Biden’s Plans to Revive Trump Era Asylum Ban


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Hours before President Biden delivered his second State of the Union, his administration filed a brief in Arizona v. Mayorkas before the Supreme Court reiterating its intentions of implementing an asylum ban. Below is a statement by Lauren Wilfong, Justice Catalyst Fellow at Justice Action Center (JAC):

“Once again, we remind President Biden that seeking asylum in the U.S. is a legal and human right, regardless of manner of entry and no matter who is president. Just as the Trump era asylum ban was struck down as unlawful by the courts, this recycled ban also violates domestic and international law.

“During last night’s State of the Union address, President Biden called for increased funding for border enforcement. But pouring millions more dollars into increased militarization and surveillance at the border is not the humane solution we need and instead would lead to increased harm, violence, and death. As local organizations have repeatedly made clear, the Administration should instead be resourcing direct service organizations who have been providing critical support to asylum seekers despite shoestring budgets, filling in crucial gaps where our government falls short.”


Tasha Moro
Justice Action Center

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