JAC’s New Litigation Tracker Follows States’ Legal Efforts to Uphold Trump-Era Immigration Policies

LOS ANGELES—Justice Action Center (JAC) launched a litigation tracker microsite that follows states’ legal challenges to inclusive federal immigration policies. Since President Biden took office, states like Texas, Arizona, Florida, and others have poured immense resources into impeding progress and defending Trump-era policies that demonize, endanger, and discriminate against immigrants. Updated continuously, the JAC litigation tracker decodes these complex legal battles using accessible language, and includes court filings, news coverage, and resources.

One example of such a case detailed in the tracker is Biden v. Texas, the critical Remain in Mexico (also known as “MPP” or “RMX”) case that the Supreme Court announced last month it would hear on an expedited schedule. Over the last year, Texas has challenged President Biden’s attempts to end Trump’s cruel and inhumane RMX program, which has stranded tens of thousands of asylum seekers in dangerous conditions in Mexico while awaiting their immigration court hearings in the U.S.

Like other cases, JAC’s litigation tracker outlines the history of Biden v. Texas as it worked its way up the federal court system. Providing critical analysis, the tracker explains how the Supreme Court’s decision will not only determine the future of asylum in the United States, but also have far reaching implications on executive powers. Users will find continuously updated news coverage and resources that can be used to take action on this and other important immigration related litigation.

“It is crucial that the American public is informed of various states’ attempts to obstruct inclusive immigration policies that would benefit our communities, culture, and economy. JAC’s litigation tracker decodes these legal moves to empower people of conscience to engage in smart, creative advocacy to counter them—whether they have a law degree or not,” said JAC legal director Esther Sung.

As a complement to the tracker, JAC sends out a bi-weekly newsletter outlining the latest courtroom updates, which users can subscribe to here.

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Justice Action Center (JAC) is a new nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting for greater justice for immigrant communities by combining litigation and storytelling. JAC is committed to bringing additional litigation resources to address unmet needs, empower clients, and change the corrosive narrative around immigrants in the U.S. Learn more at justiceactioncenter.org and follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.


Tasha Moro
Justice Action Center

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