JAC Responds to Supreme Court’s Certification of Decision on Remain in Mexico; Encourages Swift and Humane Wind-Down of Deadly Program


The Supreme Court has just certified its decision in the Remain in Mexico case, Biden v. Texas.  Here is a statement from Karen Tumlin, founder and director at Justice Action Center:

“Today, the Supreme Court issued its judgment certifying the Biden Administration’s ability to end the deadly Remain in Mexico (RMX) program.  As JAC and the #SafeNotStranded campaign have emphasized and DHS itself has recognized, the horrific human cost of RMX makes clear that the Biden Administration must swiftly and humanely end the program once and for all.

“Tens of thousands of asylum seekers have been harmed by RMX while exercising their right to seek safety, and they must now be allowed to pursue their asylum claims; meanwhile, no new people should be placed in this shameful program.

“The case is officially back at the Fifth Circuit, and it is now incumbent upon the Court to vacate the district court injunction that originally blocked the Administration’s planned wind-down of RMX.”


Tasha Moro
Justice Action Center

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