Justice Action Center on Supreme Court Decision to Hear Biden v. Texas: Urgent and Necessary

LOS ANGELES — The Supreme Court announced today that it would hear oral argument in an expedited fashion on Biden v. Texas, a case challenging the Biden administration’s decision to get rid of Remain in Mexico, a Trump-era policy that has marooned tens of thousands of asylum seekers in dangerous conditions in Mexico. The court is expected to hear oral argument in April, with a decision to follow by the end of the 2021-2022 term.

Below is a statement from Karen Tumlin, director and founder of Justice Action Center:

“The Biden administration has rightly asked the court to move quickly on a matter of extreme national importance, and we’re pleased to see the Court has granted this request. Each administration should have the freedom to enact their own foreign and domestic policy agendas, provided they do so correctly. The Fifth Circuit decision in Biden v. Texas is so extreme it threatens to undermine any administration looking to enact the will of the people, regardless of political party or affiliation.

“While the legal issues are important, even more critical are the people affected by the policies. Remain in Mexico has been an unmitigated humanitarian disaster, one that Biden himself promised to end early on in his presidential campaign. Worse, the federal courts below issued an extreme order essentially mandating detention for asylum seekers, something that has never been considered by any administration, including Trump’s.

“The Supreme Court should uphold both law and morality and reject the lower courts’ outlandish orders.”

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Tasha Moro
Justice Action Center

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